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In order for us to maintain a first class playing environment, we have set rules and regulations to make sure the environment is better controlled. Please ensure that all your players are aware of the rules of the game and our club.
S.O.C.A strongly promotes fair play and positive camaraderie and as the captain of your team we ask you to remind your team to keep this is their minds at all times. Players joining our leagues should do so for the enjoyment of the sport. We encourage good sportsmanship and ask that everyone maintains mutual respect for team mates, opposition, spectators, S.O.C.A. staff and referee’s. S.O.C.A management insists that each team fill out a team form with the name and surname of the Captain, Vice-Captain and all the teams’ players together with full ID numbers and cell phone numbers of each player, this information will be kept confidential but is required protect teams from any abusive teams or players that bring the game into disrepute. We do not accept bad behavior or ill-discipline from players and offending players will face disciplinary action. Once a team or player has been suspended they will not be allowed to join any league or tournament in the future.

Please read below and know these rules as no excuses will be accepted in the event of misconduct or foul play.

Payment Method for League games:
• Payment methods will be as follows: (a) either your team may pay upfront (must be paid by before league starts to qualify for the 10 % discount) or (b) your team may make 2 payments at the start of each month for that league (league amount will be split in two) or (c) weekly payments (The upfront amount various depending on the amount of teams in the league).
• S.O.C.A. would like to encourage captains to have team players who are committed to the league in every aspect and the upfront cost encourages captains to collect money from all of their players at the start of the league to ensure the captain does not have to fit the bill each week.
• League fees are broken down as follows: R 330 per game per team plus a once off administration fee of R 120 for that league.
• Captains are responsible for making payments for their team. Please use the till slip or receipt as proof of payment.
• Any extra games catch up games or final games that may not have been put on the invoice must always be paid for at R330 per game.

No Pitch & Cancellations
1. The team that fails to pitch will lose 5 – 0 and will still be liable for the game fee in order to avoid teams not pitching and it is unfair to everyone involved in the league when a team does not pitch.
2. The opposing team that pitched may use the field to play a social for the time period or they can be refunded for the game time either via EFT or the funds can be credited for the following season.
3. If a team cannot make a game time for whatever reason our office (Janine) needs to be notified at least 24 hours before the next game time or before new fixtures are sent out so that either a new time can be arranged or a catch up game can be arranged if a catch up game is not possible then the team that cancelled the game will be liable for payment and will have to forfeit the game with a 5-0 loss and the opposing team will be refunded as per point 2.
4. If a team cancels on the day of the game only if the opposing team agrees to a catch up will it be considered and arranged or else the team that cancelled the game will lose 5-0 and will be liable for payment and the opposing team will be refunded as per point 2.

On Field rules:
• The ref will control the game.
• The captains must assist in this.
• Refs & Captains must meet before the game to toss the coin and select sides.
• 1st offence (Dangerous play in tackle, verbal abuse etc.) YELLOW CARD: 2 minute off and team plays minus a player for 2 minutes
• 2nd offence = RED CARD (Of the same) or extremely over-robust playing/chirping/swearing or physical abuse etc. = game suspension and team plays minus a player for remainder of the game and the player is suspended for the following two league games.
• Further to this the referee, on duty manager and any eye witnesses will submit reports along with reports from both captains to the S.O.C.A. committee. Depending on the offence the committee will decided whether further disciplinary action is required.
• Refs will complete the ‘match report’ with names of offenders.
• The manager will assist in the control, management & support but may not overrule the referee’s decision.
• The referee’s decision is final and may not be disputed during the game. Any disagreements or grievances maybe submitted in writing to the S.O.C.A. committee.

1. Maximum number of players per team is nine (9). 5 on field players and 4 rolling subs. Failure to obey may result in a 5-0 loss.
2. Subs must enter/exit from own goal . Teams may be penalized if they do not adhere.
3. No slide tackles.
4. No playing the ball while sitting/lying on the ground.
5. No tackles within demarcated corner makings -1player in at time, opponent must back off behind 1m demarcated line and attacker has 5 sec on the ball.
6. Only one tackler taking on an attacker ie No third party tackling (No 2 on 1)
7. Opposition must be 2m from all free kicks, if players don’t move then free-kick can be moved 2m closer to the oppositions goal, if infringement continues then a card may be awarded.
8. Free Kicks – The team receiving the free kick have 5 seconds to either take a quick tap free kick or can ask the referee for a “Free Hit” where the defending team must make a clear path to the goals and players may not block or stand in front of the shooter. All players must be outside of the box area when the kick is taken and the shooter has 5 seconds to shoot once the ref has signalled play on.

9. Goalkeepers may not pick up deliberate back pass by own players foot (players may use head, chest etc to pass back & then pick up as per FIFA ruling). Goalkeeper may pick up the ball if it is passed back and bounces off the wall. The nets are not considered a wall.
10. Goalie may not handle ball in own area if he brings the ball back into area himself.
11. Goalie may take a goal kick or throw in to restart game when ball is out of play.
12. Goalkeepers may not throw the ball directly into the opposition’s goal unless the ball is touched by a player before it crosses the goal line. A free kick is awarded to opposition in their goal mouth if the ball is thrown into the oppositions goals.
13. If the goalkeeper leaves his goal area, and in free play outside of the goal are handles the ball, this will be deemed a direct free kick and if it prevented a goal scoring opportunity, a red or yellow card may be awarded.
14. If a goalkeeper handles the ball outside the area but has any part of his body in the are, a penalty will be awarded
15. If a goalkeeper commits an illegal, dangerous or slide tackle outside of the penalty box area, a direct free kick will be awarded to the opposition.
16. Time Wasting – one player may not play the ball to the goalkeeper more than 3 times without the ball being touched by another player. The result of doing this will be a penalty.
17. Ball over side nets:- restart with dead ball kick from point of exit by correct team.
18. No off sides.
19. Goals may be scored from anywhere in the court.
20. Hanging on nets and shielding ball at the same time will be penalized.
21. For a penalty awarded for an infringement in the circle, the penalty must be taken by player standing directly behind the ball, both feet inside circle and one step to kick, all other players outside the circle. Penalty will be awarded if the goalkeeper causes a foul on attacking player and is demanded to have stopped a goal scoring opportunity.
22. No weapons of any sort to be brought to the field or the facility generally.
23. No watches, jewelry or peak caps to be worn on the field.
24. No swearing or derogatory remarks on & off the field.
25. No spitting on the field.
26. No hanging on the nets whether on the field or off (as a sub).
Disciplinary Action
27. Foul and /or infringement of the rules
Blue Card = Forced substitution if player is getting heated and referee feels that he needs to be calmed.
Yellow Card = 2 minutes off the field, and the team plays short for 2 mins.
Serious foul and/or continuous bad behavior = Suspension.
Red Card = The offending player is immediately and permanently sent off the field. His team will have to play the next 5 mins of the game with 4 players (less 1 player). After 5 mins the team may send a player onto the field and return to having 5 players but the player that received the red card is not allowed back on the field and will receive a 2 game ban.
28. Off field behavior can similarly lead to player being cautioned or suspended and in this instance then one of the on-field players have to leave the field for the said duration.
29. Physical abuse will receive an automatic minimum two (2) game suspension.
30. Players and/or Teams who continually do not abide by the rules and spirit of the game or are serious offenders of either physical play or verbal abuse may be suspended or banned totally from S.O.C.A.
31. May not watch from the bench or behind the bench.
32. Teams may be disciplined for their supporter’s behavior as per point 21.
Referee and Manager
33. The referee shall control the game with the manager called upon to assist as and when needed/required, and either or both might submit reports where necessary.
Play Regulations
34. Games must start punctually – maximum 5 mins ‘grace time’ is allowed.
35. Thereafter for every 2 mins further delay, a goal should be deducted (or added to team on the field.
36. The game will be played short, ie to fit into the time slot.
37. Teams are not allowed to share players that are playing in the same league, they can assist teams when there are not enough players to start a game, but abuse of this rule is not allowed as players must commit to one team in a single league. If you do not get permission from the opponent to use another player from same league, your team can forfeit the game and get a 0-5 loss.

Sport on Court Africa (S.O.C.A) is a social integration and interaction through sport played for recreational activity, fun and enjoyment. The manager on duty is responsible person and has full authority to act on behalf of the owners of the facility in whatever respect.

The manager on duty will control this.